Nephrology, Internal Medicine
Nephrology, Winthrop University Hospital
Internal Medicine, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
Radiation Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Brown Medical School
Brown University.  California Sushi Academy

She received her Medical Degree and Masters in Medical Science from Brown Medical School in 2004, having previously earned her Bachelor of Arts degrees in East Asian Studies and Biology from Brown University.  She graduated from Brown University Program of Liberal Medical Education (PLME).  It is the only combined baccalaureate-MD program in the Ivy League and among the most competitive medical schools in the country.

Dr Huang’s expertise in Nephrology and Medical Cannabis Care place her at the forefront of treating the most serious medical conditions in a comprehensive and integrated way.  Using a combination of both conventional and non-pharmaceutical modalities, such as medical cannabis, she believes that medical diseases are complicated and require a multidisciplinary approach to best address individual needs.  Her expert knowledge of the kidney’s role in flushing out toxins while keeping electrolytes in a perfect balance, enables her to prescribe modifications in nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction to help patients prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease and obesity.

In addition, Dr. Huang earned a Culinary Arts Degree at the California Sushi Academy. She worked as a professional sushi chef, and collaborates with top executive chefs at NYC restaurants to incorporate healthier ingredients in their culinary creations. Her decades of experience in the kitchen has inspired her organic approach to wellness. Fundamentally rooted in the concept that a healthy life begins with a healthy kitchen, Dr. Huang’s practice empowers patients to take ownership of their bodies through learning cooking techniques, exposure to healthy ingredients, and behavioral changes to help them achieve their individual goals. She is currently working on her first book, The Art of Culinary Medicine.

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Jamaica, Queens, and graduating in the top 1% of her class at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science,  she is a native New Yorker who now resides and lives in Manhattan.  She is one of four sisters, all of whom, became physicians and surgeons (Gynecologic Oncology, OB-GYN, Colorectal Surgery). They are the daughters of their proud father who also practiced Gynecologic Oncology in NYC for nearly 40 years.

Dr. Dara Huang dedicates herself to act professionally and conscientiously on behalf of her patients.  As the first and foremost leader in medical cannabis care in NYC, Dr. Huang strives to add the kindness, awareness and intelligence she believes the care of all patients deserve.